Apple said to be working on OLED monitors, could debut in 2027

Apple is expected to use OLED across the iPad, MacBook and external display models by 2027 according to research firm download lagu mp3 Omdia.

Based on Omdia’s IT OLED display forecast, the research firm estimates OLED display shipments to hit over 70 million units by 2028. Omdia attributes the rapid growth to the adoption of OLED in notebooks and tablets by Apple.

In line with previous reports, Omdia believes Apple will switch to OLED for the iPad Pro next year and the MacBook Pro from 2026. For 2027, Omdia claims Apple will use QD-OLED and/or WOLED displays for the 32-inch and 42-inch iMac or external display models.

Overall, Omdia expects Apple to completely phase out LCDs and miniLEDs from the iPad, MacBook and external display models. The Apple Watch and iPhone might be the exception; Bloomberg says Apple will bring microLED to the iPhone a few years after the 2024 Apple Watch Ultra.

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